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If you see a knight,
Dose it mean he's a good knight?

If you see a kind heart,
Is are you always going to get off to a good start?

If you hear the sounds of kindness,
Dose it mean you a huntress?

There are things that will never be seen,
Things that will never be heard,
I know it's a sin,
Sometimes, it's hard to hear a sin that's never heard,

A knight will not always be a prince,
A knight can also be a fence,

Sometimes, a fence will never break,
Sometthings will never shake,

When they won't shake off,
Just remember to shut the lights off,

Then it will forever dissapear,
Into a never ending sky of blue,
The memories will cut like a spear,
It's a blue and red hue,

This is the darkness of a real knight,
No real knight can be their real heart.
This is a poem for the broken hearts. I wrote it because it's sometimes just wrong to ignore the broken hearts out there.
Ephah Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Damn... I really like this! Damn! Ye did a swell job!:clap:
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